BANNUX (LG Flexible Sign Faces) UGS (Ultra Gloss Supreme) UMS (Ultra Matte Supreme)

Meet high resolution printing standards with UGS (UMS), a flexible sign substrate for indoor and outdoor advertisements.


UGS (UMS) is a flexible sign substrate for indoor and outdoor advertisements. It meets high resolution printing standards and can be used to make single-side printed banners, printing with piezo inkjet inks.


  • Glossy or matte finish
  • Specially designed for billboard applications
  • Indoor / outdoor applications
  • Excellent printability and weather resistance.

Compatible Products

  • VIZUONCAL 4000 & 6000 (Opaque)
  • VIZUONCAST cut vinyl (Opaque)

Compatible Printers

  • Vutek
  • Mutoh
  • Arizona
  • Mimaki JV Series.
  • Other solvent inkjet printers.


Characteristic Description
Structure Coating Type PVC (Option: Anti-mildew, Anti-UV, Flame retardant)
Fabric Polyester
Weight 13oz
Roll Size 24″ ~ 74″(width) x 50 yds ~ 400 yds


Durability is based on field experience and exposure tests.

Outdoor durability is 1 year when properly processed and applied (unprinted film vertical exposure).

LG Chem does not warrant banner materials for the following.

  • Seamed in order to make a larger banner
  • Ripping, tearing, or damage due to the effects of the weather or the environment.

CAUTION: The weather resistance of the film that is laminated to the top of BANNUX or the ink used in printing may contribute to the durability of the end-products. Therefore, our warranty is just for undecorated BANNUX.


Use a cleaner used for high quality printed surfaces.

  1. The cleaner must be wet, non-abrasive, and without strong solvents or alcohol. (Solvent and alcohol can damage banner materials and printed images.)
  2. The cleaner must not be either strongly acidic or alkaline (pH value 3.0~11.0).

Shelf Life

  • Keep in a clean, dry area
  • Process the banner material within 1 year of factory shipment
  • Storage Condition: Free from excessive moisture, temperature, direct sunlight (20 x 50% R.H)
  • Keep away from chemicals such as oil and wax

Printing on Materials

  • VIZUON BANNUX UGS (UMS) is designed for digital printing with solvent inkjet inks.
  • To get the best print results, use the best quality of inks that the printer makers recommend.
  • The printer operator should work with the graphic designer or color conversion operator to prevent possible complications or color issues.
  • Do not exceed total ink coverage of 250% for VIZUON BANNUX materials. Too high of an ink level on banner materials may result in media characteristic changes, inadequate drying, and/or poor print quality.
  • Printing should be done under room temperature.
  • Too much tension and force may damage the material; therefore, keep the tension under 7 kgf.

Physical Properties

USB 12 oz

Properties Test Method Unit ITEM Test Method Unit ITEM
Base Fabric DIN 60001 Polyester Polyester
Thickness DIN 53353 mm 0.35 FS 5401 mm 0.35
Total Weight DIN 53352 gr/m2 440 FS 5400 oz/yd2 13
Tensile Strength DIN 53858 N/2.5cm 735 / 685 FS 5100 lbs/in. 165 / 155
Tear Strength DIN 53356 N 195 / 245 FS 5134 lbs 44 / 55
Standard Width mm Max 2,000 inch 79
FR, AM, UV treated.